An Artistic Journey in Preserving the Human Body

Hello! My name is Adam, and I’m often asked, what led you down this path?

There is no singular reason, but I’ll tell you about the journey in life that accumulatively led me to creating clone mold art, and wearable breastplates.

I’ve always been captivated by statues in museums, even more so that some of the most impressive statues through time weren’t created anywhere near the time I was born. While I’ve always been drawn to statues, I knew it wasn’t realistic for me to learn how to carve stone. Through my experience and passion for photography, I wanted to elevate my ability to capture one’s physical self. At some point after seeing modern sculptures of bodies I decided I wanted to create my own, and I became obsessed with the notion of being able to capture someone’s physical self in a tangible form. Everyone’s physical body is changing through time, and I love the idea of being able to capture one’s physical body in a realistic artistic expression. I’ve had my own physical challenges, from breaking my leg multiple times, to having an auto-immune disorder be triggered that caused severe arthritis throughout my body. In the latter case, I was unable to walk normally for six weeks, I was bedridden for a long duration, and at times absolutely paralyzed by pain. During this time I lost a lot of muscle, and felt incredibly frail, I vividly recall having flashes of how this is what it must be like for so many who grow old, nearing end of life. That was a far cry from the time just prior to this when I worked out five to six times a week, often twice a day. This experience in particular had a profound impact on my life, and absolutely drove my interest in helping capture one’s physical form. Afterall, we never know what may be in store for us, and I hope by me creating tangible art based on one’s body, I help capture a moment in time in the physical world that could hopefully remain for decades of time, if not longer. The body clone art I create is of real people, each person has a unique story, and I strive to share it.

The molding process is personal, everyone has their own story, and I very much so enjoy getting to know the individual. I look forward to continuing down this journey knowing I will create truly unique personalized art for each person I work with.