Collaborate for a custom breastplate. Unleash your style!

Looking to make a bold statement with a custom wearable that fits your body perfectly? Look no further! Get a free-of-charge custom mold created from your body with exquisite detail, unlike generic and 3D-rendered options. In return, you'll showcase the brand through your social media channels. Unleash your style and become the ambassador of a truly unique wearable that reflects your individuality.

For more information and to inquire about this exciting collaboration, reach out to us today.

Have a large following?

Social media influencer? Top ranked on OnlyFans? If you have a large following we can setup a profit sharing contract to sell unique art recreations based on your body!

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Let's Collaborate!

Embrace your beauty!

Elevate your style with an exceptional custom wearable. From two-tone colors to eye-catching fluorescent UV-reactive shades, these creations are meticulously detailed, allowing you to express your unique self with stunning vibrancy.

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