• Wall Art

    You get a unique one of a kind hangable wall art piece cloned from your body.

    Pricing starts at $1,500

  • Wearable Breastplate

    You get a stunning wearable breastplate, custom fitted for your body. The mold from this process is sold separately.

    Pricing starts at $1,000

  • Wall Art + Wearable Breastplate

    You get a unique wall art piece, and a stunning wearable breastplate. Both created from and for your body.

    Pricing starts at $2,500


Eternalizing Your Authenticity

Experience the extraordinary as your body becomes art. Our unique body mold art captures your essence, immortalizing your physical self in a stunning art piece.

Pricing starting at $1,500


Your Image as Wearable Art

Our custom molded creations are meticulously crafted to embody your unique beauty, offering a new dimension to personal style. Experience the exquisite fit and celebrate your individuality with fashion that is as exceptional as you are.

Pricing starting at $1,000